this game is desktop only.

please play this on desktop. or at least a horizontal screen. otherwise it will all go to shit. i beg of you.

christmas artistry!

this was made for the whatevers by bucketfish for the bucket secret santa 2022.

are you ready?

ps: your progress will disappear if you reload the page, so... don't do that :)

you look adorable!

now, some of the scrunklies in the town kind of need a little bit of help...

draw a scary face for the scarecrow in the village!

nice! a great drawing for the scrunkly village.

you've just saved their christmas dinner!

hm... there are a few more things you need to help them with.

use your powers well!

draw a cool star for the christmas tree!

it would look even cooler if you colored it in.

you're literally doing so well!

the scrunklies are enjoying this so much...

and of course, their final request...

let's help!

draw nice text saying merry christmas to put into the sign! :D

you're brilliant!

the end!

i hope you enjoyed :) have a good christmas!

you can now download all the images that you've drawn — or the group photo :)

if you want to replay — just reload the page!

start by drawing a little scrunkly using the canvas on the right :D

that's you!

sorry for not having an undo button. :p

— hello!!!!

hi!! —

— village is in shambles DDDD: we have a farm, but our scarecrow isn't scary enough. all the birds are eating our crops!!! we have no food!!!

oh noooo :( —

— will you help us draw a superrr scary scarecrow?

— yayy!!! thank you!!!!!

— we have food again!!!!

— woohoooo!!!!

— hm, another thing... we lost the star on our christmas tree :(

that's sad D: —

— it is!!! can you help us draw another one? pleaseee...

— hell yeah!!

— yayy!!! we have a star again!!

— this is awesome!!!

— thank you so much! you're literally the best. ❤️

absolutely no problem at all :) —

— we just have one last request.....

— we need a pretty sign at our main gate to show off our christmas spirit!

— will you help us draw a cool merry christmas sign?

— that's perfect! omg!

— we love you!!

aw, thank you! i love you all tooooo —

— hey everyone — let's take a picture together with our hero!